Friday, April 6, 2012


Mango shirt, Zara skirt, H&M belt, Sfera necklace, Mango shoes

Sweet day, fellow bloggers! :) Today I feel so good! Well, some of the meetings which I did yesterday just gave me lots of positive response and feedbacks. The mission has now accomplished, yay! Actually I was quite afraid to faced those 'high-classes' people on the meetings. If you might remember about the one post which I told you about my first meeting in Medugalion, I was like a frozen iceberg (well, icebergs are frozen, right? :/). But experiences have taught me well. Now I'm ready for another meetings! Yea, bring it on~

Today's outfit, I picked out the simplest clothes to wear because today's doing list is..... HAVING FUN :D Oh well, weekend should be enjoyed, afterall, right? :) Wish you guys have the wonderful weekend too!

Much love, Sera

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  1. Such a beautiful look! I have been loving long skirts for spring...lovely! :)

  2. ooh I just love the blue nails
    it totally matches your tee :)

    year on a smooth meeting!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  3. @liesl: thank you, beautiful!
    @stevia: ah yes, the colours have been with me for more than 2 weeks! thank's for the wish~

  4. dear Sera, tanks for the comment on my blog, but if you had read the actual words you would have seen that i write in my native language and also in ENGLISH, so that girl in the pictures is not me, but the blogger style of the month!

  5. oh sorry dear, ahaha! i think i didn't realized it before :) sorry!

  6. blue color suits you dear..
    you're so beautiful! <3


  7. thank you so much, pretty face ;) you're the beauty queen

  8. you look beautiful with those bangs :3

  9. i just tried it :) bangs are okay for me, whatever the style is!


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