Monday, April 9, 2012

Soaking Up The Sun

Zara dress, Zara shoes, Asos clutch

Whooaah, I'm freshly tanned! :D I'm in the middle of packing up cuz my holiday will be ended in a while. I decided to take another year in university and this time, in Milan :) I'm deadly inspired by Milan and its beautiful people! Especially with their blog-Goddess, Chiara who is also my forever inspirator. Can't wait to move out again!

Last night my mom Skype-ed me and we talked alot about the future of my education and work. I seem like abandoning my own education. I mean, I was in Russia because of the need for study, not to work. But now, right after I graduated, I focused on my workspace and started forgetting about what I've learned before in university. Oh, things got even more serious when my dad joined up with the conversation... :| So now, I decided to just take another year. Well, guess I should remember about the past years for once again.... :D

Much love, Sera

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  1. What a lovely dress!!

  2. i like your super short dress, so cute & flirty ^^

  3. @jeline: it is! :)
    @diraz: LOL kinda shy to post this actually.... :$


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