Friday, April 6, 2012

Begging & Pleasing

My blog is getting better and better. Thank you so much for the sweet and lovely comments you guys left for me and the blog :) I really appreciate it. But this comment, one little comment on midnight. Well, it's quite confusing. I know, some people/bloggers are still addicted to gaining more followers for their blog. Me too, but in a different way, of course. I comment on other people's blogs along with my blog URL, but never ask for their follow-backs. I only left them the comment about their post and that's it! No intention to get any follow-backs. On my previous, and previous post, there's a comment ask me for a follow-back, without even talking about the post first. I do follow-backs, but not this way. I appreciate comments, but not follow-back comments.

So please, if you want me to follow your blog, just simply leave your blog's URL and ask me to check it out. I'd love to do blogwalking and discover more creative people out there :) But if next time I find this kind of comment, I'll surely delete it. Thank you, and no offense~

Much love, Sera

Follow Much Love, Sera


  1. agreed!! :) I find that a bit annoying. Thank you for your sweet comment dear!

  2. Hi Sera! It's my first time visit ur blog, and this blog soooooo amazing! Really LOVE IT! So, I'm your new follower.
    I'm blogger from Indonesia (same country with Diana Rikasari). I'm soooo glad if you want followback my blog, pleaseeee ;))

    From Indonesia with love <3

  3. I can definitely see why you'd do this. It gets annoying, doesn't it? Especially if they don't even talk about what you posted in the first place! :/

    Trendy Teal

  4. Oh people do it all the time and it annoys me sometimes! I have no problem with people linking when commenting, but when the comments are like "cute!!" followed by their url I can't help but think that they go around just linking their urls across the blogosphere!


  5. Thanks so much sera . id really be glad if you could help me out about HTML and CSS codes :)) thank you

  6. @nieszka: oh that's just nothing sweetheart :) thank's for stopping by, you deserve it!
    @nat: woooow, look who's here??? :D never thought you'd come to this creepy blog, nat~
    @well: yeah, actually i have nothing wrong with following people back, but the way they ask me too is just wrong and i don't see it as 'reading the blog post first' :/
    @nora: haha, same thinking~

  7. I hate that too. Its like this people are disrespecting bloggers or something. We blog for the love of fashion not to gain followers. Though that could be a bonus.

  8. yep, seems like the real aim of blogging has lost :/


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