Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Current Lovely: Something Higher

Now I realized that sudden fame is never exist. At first I thought by only making accounts on some social networks I would gain more visitors for this blog. But then I heard about blogwalking and wondering about that. And yesterday, I finally started my own "blogwalking" and leave such comments on people's blogs. Now as you can see, I got many different friends or visitors from everywhere teehee :D Now I really love blogging, cuz by blogging, you can share the same passion with same people!

picture via Pelangi

These boots, which I just randomly found at Pelangi were really attracted my deepest heart! Well, I don't know which brand are they or which store I can get them but for now, I really mad about cute shoes! I've got a little bored with Topshop somehow :/ Btw, I just updated some information on my pages' tabs so if you guys have time, come check them! And if you still have some questions for me, I'll definitely respond to it! :) Have a nice day!

Much love, Sera

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