Friday, March 9, 2012

A Good Companion

2 cups of coffee via Starbucks in Barcelona. Damn, this is what I call as a perfect life.... Me and Irene Kuzynscka made a stop in the nearest Starbucks to get our feet rest. Irene is my old bestfriend that I mentioned on my previous post before. She's a Greek too, just like me. Both of us have known each other for quite long times. Can be says... we've became friends for almost 10 years :) Last Sunday, Irene has just arrived in New York for working and she said I can pay her a visit, since I told her that I probably couldn't went home to Athens in the near future (in facts, I haven't returned to my hometown for 8 years...). So this is the first time we met again after a long break, yayy! :D

More updates soon live from Barcelona...

Much love, Sera

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  1. :))

    I'm following your blog, hope you do back!

  2. ally: sure thing!
    miko: that's when you weren't coming!


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