Saturday, March 3, 2012

Always Be My Bad Boy

You're such a bad boy. And I'm your bad girl. We were used to be a stranger. Then one day you asked my phone number, because you used to be the leader my photography group and you said that's what all leaders will do to the other members. I used to admired you from distance. Not because I was afraid, but because I wasn't ready to faced reality. I used to listened to my brain rather than the heart whereas heart always show pureness. I used to hate myself when you smiled at me and I didn't even brave myself to smiled back at you. Time's changing day by day, and then it suddenly came to my life....

...the day when all of my curiousity disappeared. It was all about you, my lovely Bad Boy. You often asked me if you could kiss me all day. You're a boy, but you act like a girl. I like that. It shows me that you will always need me and are afraid to lose me. It reminds me, how to react back as a girl too! Thank you for being with me. Thank you for being "Lucas". Thank you because you're always there for me. Thank you, and please, always be my Bad Boy...

Photo courtesy: me and Lucas @ La Piaza el Brooke bridge.

Much love, Sera

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