Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Life's Soundtrack

Current song playing: Bruno Mars - Never Say You Can't.

This song has been playing around my iPod on shuffle for almost 2 weeks. Yes, everytime before I went sleep, I listened to this song as my lullaby. I don't know, this song is kinda remind me to just keep on trying eventhough you know you might won't reach the place you want you to be. Dreams are mean to be alive, not burried in the deepest place of your imaginative brain. Aaaanndd, for some quite times, some of my friends said I'm a perfect example for this life full of sins. Well, they said I never give up with what I want since the beginning. I never seem so dreamless and I sometimes can't control my imagination. I think that's why I keep on working hard to make my dreams come true, right? :)

Anyway, I went downtown to see some new make up stuffs in Milan and found these pretty-coloured lipsticks of Marc Jacobs and cool Chanel outerwears:

Oh and I also have left Milan since last Thursday, that's why I haven't updated this blog for quite long intervals, hehe. Mind the hectic schedule, I didn't know that lots of people were also had the same business with me. Actually I could've arrived in Moscow on Wednesday if it wasn't because Lucas dropped me to a nowhere and creepy place alone! Well, it was just another insane surprise from hime. Insane but, romantic...

Much love, Sera

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