Thursday, March 15, 2012

Le Jardin Pour Tu

Pull&Bear sweater, unbranded jeans, Zara ballerinas, Bershka hat, Asos sunnies

Mmm, not really sure if that's the right spelling :/ I was first typed the title as 'Le Jardin' but it seems like too ordinary. In France, 'Le Jardin Pour Tu' means, 'A Garden For You'. Really really hope it's the right spelling! I've been trying to speak in France since my next job would be in France :) It's good to be "home" after 5 years studying abroad in Moscow. Hope nothing has changed...

Today's outfit, I have this 80's jeans since years ago but I find it's hard to get used to them! The same thing happened with skinny jeans. When they became a worldwide trend I swore to never use it, but now I have a closet full of them. I can never understand how fashion trends walk so fast. I think that's why guys almost can't catch up with the way girls dress-up themselves. Our stuffs always gone faster ;)

photos by Revel

Much love, Sera

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