Saturday, March 3, 2012

Please Don't Take My Heart With You

So what do I do on my spare time? I don't know. Read books, or probably fashion magazines, tons of catalogues about gadgets, exploring new blogs. Well, everything that keeps me inspired, that's it. Sometimes I do stupid things like talking to myself in front of a mirror, pretending that I might have a secret twin that lies at the other side of our world. Oh well, people say I'm way too imaginative for reality, LOL!

Blanco dress, Zara shoes, French Connection bag

Just back from Medugalion and showered with a beautiful, mesmerizing evening sun-lights. Found this heart-bag cute from French Connection. I've been a good customer of this brand since their goods are quite irresistible, teehee. Don't you think the bag is kinda the same with my Alexander McQueen GB clutch? :/

Oh and, this is what me and Miyawako did for dinner. Umm, I still have no idea why we keep these sweets and haven't used it until now. Gonna think about what to make later!

Much love, Sera

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