Monday, March 12, 2012

Office Work

Zara blazer, shirt, skirt, and clutch, Sissei sandals

Yesterday after I went home from college, I went shopping to down town and all the shops were so full of colours! I excitedly bought a bunch of colourful clothes. But I think I'm not going to use all those clothes at the same time. But to start the Summer, I can't wait but to wear this fuchsia skirt from Zara! I love how the color bright up my outfit. I combined it with the blue and white cloth, not definitely a daring combination, but I like the sweet effects. This is my favourite nail colour thank's to Astor Fash 'n Studio 101 :)

Still, I ever said that I'll only go to work from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon at Medugalion, but today they contacted me for a new project I'm gonna do in this mid March. So just do wait for more info!

Much love, Sera

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