Saturday, March 17, 2012

What I Wear?

Finally, after last month I spoke to myself about should or shouldn't to join this little beta site, What I Wear, I finally brave myself to sign up :) Yes, people get more famous from their blog, and then Lookbook, and then Chicisimo. But not me. I'm little afraid if people don't really like my style and say such mean words to me :( But step by step, I'm trying to learn more from you, my dear readers :)

So yeah! If you have a spare time (really, really spare time), why don't check me out here? For the very firs time, I'm gonna post yesterday's outfit. And the day after yesterday's, and the day before it, etc. So for now, please don't get bored with that newbie account! Okay, hope you guys have a good day!

Much love, Sera

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