Saturday, March 31, 2012

Good, Bye

Zara dress, Mango belt, Miss KG shoes, H&M ring and sunglasses

The last day spent in Madrid, Spain. I couldn't hold the sadness to suddenly leave this beautiful town :( I'll always remember all the memories I've made here with my best journalists, Elina and Eun Rae. Things have been really good when I'm here. More friends, more experiences, more fashion stuffs, more memories.... oh, too many 'more's I think...

So before I went to the airport and left this country for another centuries, I managed myself to take some snaps with Elina. There was a very, very, very, beautiful park near the airport which I don't know what's its name. The weather is kinda lovely and warmth me up. It might be the first thing I'm gonna miss from Madrid. So goodbye, Spanish :')

Much love, Sera

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