Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recent Treasures

Since I've been travelling to random places these lately, I'm gonna show you recent purchases I did, especially when I was in Barcelona. Okay, first, I got this Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop sleeve in brown for my MacBook. Well, I didn't really buy it since it was a gift from one of my Barcelona readers :) *thank's a lot, Key!* It's very lightweight, but durable. I love it so much! And I alway love Marc Jacobs. Forever a winner!

At the second days in Barcelona, I bought (this time, I really bought it :p) this suede black wedges. For those who are interested and have not noticed, the shoes are from Primark. I've already looked a bit longer for black wedges, but always ended up a beige coloured heel or just black platforms. So now I have this one, although the price was quite expensive, but this shoes are too good to be! So, who cares? ;P

Oh how I miss the Summer and those Summer activities I always do together with my bestfriends :) I thought it's good to show you my absolute favorite bikini that I bought at the last day at Barcelona, at H&M. There were so many different models, which makes the selection even more difficult, but for you guys who hasn't found the perfect choice yet: do not give up! The good stuffs often showed up at the last seconds, no? ;)

Much love, Sera

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