Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tip Toe

Zara blouse, Mango shorts, Zara shoes, Bershka hat, Paul Versan watch, Asos ring

Good morning, everyone :) Today is such a clear day, yay! The scars I got on my legs have cured and I'm impressed how it's already gone and I can't even point on its first place. Good doctor product ;) So I managed myself to take a walk near the port with Revel. Oh well, we haven't hang out for quite long times and it's good to have her now. My bestfriends are cool....

Oh and, started from tomorrow, I'm gonna leave Moscow to check my new crib in London. Yes, finally! This will be the last time. If everything goes right, then I'll settle down right at the center part of London. It's good to be in that sophisticated place, all over again. About Lucas? Mmm, still thinking about it. Maybe he won't come with me, maybe he will. I don't know. Time will tell, right? :)

photos by Revel

The sun is really cool and warm, so it has been good enough for me. I also miss Athens and thinking if I can put it in my travelling list. I really, really, really miss all of my family. Especially those Vladislavas girl. They're my neighbours and have been with me since we were still so little. But each of us chose different ways to pursue our dreams so I think I just have to wait a little longer.

Much love, Sera

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