Friday, March 16, 2012

Changing Opportunities

Still remember how I used to collect random things that are collectable enough to be put on my inventories? Welp, I think I'm going to overloaded the stuffs now. My camera collections are getting too many and I can't manage myself to use them one by one everyday. That makes the camera will get worst and worst if I keep on doing that. So rather than seeing my babies broken because of myself, I'm thinking about selling them away to you, my good readers :) I believe there are people out there who interested to have one of my babies and take care of them than me, no?

But I'm still thinking about it. Just hope that the stuffs are still good because today, after I back from work, I'm gonna opene the garage sale, woohoo! Live on this blog! So stay tune this evening! You don't wanna miss some good goods, do you? ;)

Much love, Sera

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