Friday, March 30, 2012

Summer Breeze

H&M shirt and shorts, Stardivarius necklace, Mango shoes, Prada sunglasses

Bloody hell, I don't know why on the world I can't put comments on someone's blog! :( Does this happen to you guys as well?? Even if I've reloaded them altogether, the error kept coming up. Geez, this isn't good. There are some good stuffs are being giveawayed and I ended up here doing nothing. Damn error....

Nevertheless, today was filled by a full-day nonstop exploring Madrid. I never knew that Spain could be this fun at the Madrid's side. Both of my parents have been licking around this city when they still "warming up". That means before they got married~ Today for the first time I tried an underground railway, at the Madrid Metro, to be exact. Everything was amazing. I felt grateful to have a life like this :) You never know when will the road of your life will change, do you? ;)

About today's outfit. Mmmh, I think this is the first time for the last 4 years of my life, living out in Moscow for feeling the 'it' feeling of Summer. So I decided to pull out all of the Summer clothes I bought freshly in Madrid and wore them like street-bitches :$ Have a nice day, Cupcakes! <3

Much love, Sera

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