Thursday, March 15, 2012

Can I Have Your Love?

Spending some of my free-days at home, reading fashion magz from various countries (Eren gave me them after she finished reading all). She always collect fashion magz in many languages, LOL. I still don't know why she does that? :D Days have been quite normal and I can say, no more hectic days. Oh, yes, finally!

So some of you asked me a few days ago on e-mail what happened between me and Lucas on my previous post. Well, the truth is, nothing happens. I found that notes somewhere when I was cleaning my work-space inside an old novel which I thought I've lost it. And, well, I can't say how poetic I was when I first fell in love with him. You know, weird things happen when you're falling in love, right? Tell me, do you guys make poetries or other romantic things to your crush when you fall for their heart??? :/

Much love, Sera

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