Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day & Night

Mango dress, shoes, and bracelets

Decided to visit old times bestfriend in Madrid while I can. I just remember that Natasza's birthday was yesterday and I tried my best to visited her after a very long-time break :) Now as you can see, I got lots of friends around the world. It's always good to meet new people and befriend with them. I mean, some of my friends are afraid to start the conversation first, but I'm not. They're just like us, filled by hesitation. So break the "stranger" label and hit them! ;)

Here are some snaps yesterday before I left our current-living. Since the birthday party will be held until the midnight, I decided to wore this crochet LBD. Besides, I haven't used this since I first bought it in Stockholm, Sweden. Enjoy your day!

photos by Elina Nikova

Current song playing on my head is Belinda - Dopamina. Quite good song, and I don't really understand how she pronounces all those Spanish words :D I'm trying to speak in its language too! But truth to be told, this won't be easy.... :$ FYI, Belinda used to be Spanish child actress who has fully grown up now. She's really pretty and cute as well as she used to be. Nice changing, Belle!

Much love, Sera

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