Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Football Country!

Hola from Madrid, mi amigos!

I am soooo delighted to be in Madrid, Spain with Ivana Kapowski and her journalist mate, Elina Nikova :) I've left Moscow since Sunday morning to London, and then after checking things up, I flew to Madrid at the next day. This time's trip is nothing but to fooling around, teehee :D Elina asked me a few days ago before I went to London if we could go somewhere to have a relaxing getaway. I agreed and Madrid was my number one destination! I mean, I've been a loyal fan of Real Madrid and also Barcelona. I finally can pursue my dream to reach those 2 cities, yay!

That's my new bedroom in London. Some things are still too messy and I think there will be lots of changing with my room in the near future. I really need new room-designer :/

Much love, Sera

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