Saturday, March 31, 2012

Current Lovely: Vini Uehara

Do you guys still remember how I talked about my long-time lover showed up in front of me and it became quite awkward between me and Lucas afterwards? You might wanna take a look again at this post. And then someone commented on it, Joshua from Simply Jochris. He said I must be mistaken because Vini Uehara is one of the famous guy on I said, no I'm not. But yeah, I think I ever heard that name somewhere on And yesterday I searched over this guy and voila! He exists! :O

Yes, Vini Uehara isn't only my ex-crush on real life, but he's also another famous guy on :D But surely, they're a different guy. Both can steal my heart faster than Lucas, wow! Especially Vini LB is sooo beautiful (re: beau-tie-full as in France). He attracts me and I can proudly say, he's my current lovely! Good luck for your life, and please don't break my heart~

Much love, Sera

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  1. Me too! Haha he's so handsome! I'm jealous cause you've seen him in personal. Wish he could go to Philippines too. ��


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