Friday, March 23, 2012

That Was Close

French Connection dress, Zara shoes, H&M hairband

So yesterday I got an accident. Right after I went home from friend's birthday party with Lucas. The situation was kinda creepy, and the doctor said I might have died if Lucas didn't pull me back from the road. I was talking on the phone with my far-away bestfriend, Nadez and didn't put too much attention when I was walking. Lucas was talking to some guys when I left the party. Then suddenly a big truck was coming on my way when I wanted to cross over the road. I saw the light, I just didn't realize that it was came from a vehicle.

The moment I finally did, I was thinking that I'm gonna totally dead. But right at the time when I think I can't be saved, someone proved that wrong. There he was, grabbed my waist and jumped to the other side of the road. Welp, call me a dumb-ass because I keep on walking when I'm on the phone. It was kinda cool like scenes on action movies, ha! I was saved, but I got some scars on my legs. Okay, I don't want blabber about anything more about that, you can check it later with the authorities ;)

And these are the details of what I wore to the party yesterday,

Much love, Sera

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