Friday, March 16, 2012

A Retired Ballerina

Mango shirt, Mango ballerinas, Zara pants, Day To Day necklace, Parfois ring

Finally I return to use my ballerinas everyday without getting my feet from freezing! There is nothing more comfortable than loafers like these! Today I wore my new necklace from Day To Day, one of the many sophisticated and affordable jewelry stores I've known through the blogosphere, haha. Thank you very much for your comments and apologize for the dark circles in my photos below, there's nothing more difficult than striking for hours at the middle of a big discussion everyday... sigh.


photos by Revel

So today, I went to Medugalion to check some works. You know, just in case if Bumi needs me. But suddenly, I was grabbed by random staffs and she told me that we're going to have a kind of emergency meeting. Wow, I was so scared! I wasn't ready to face a "real" meeting since my work is only taking pictures of people out there, and not to argue with each other.... We discussed about the next collaboration with some famous brands for our April campaign. And once again, I was choosen as one of the team now, woohoo!! So happy! Lots of great experiences ahead, I hope :)

Much love, Sera

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  1. Retired! ^))))

    Ha-ha-ha! Funny...
    Nice pictures


  2. Retired!

    I read the post title and had to find out what it was about...

    Did not expect it!..
    Good work!:))


  3. quite confused :$ but thanks, anyway, haha!


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