Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today's Breakfast: Sailor Finds

Roasted "egg-lay" with strawberry sherbet and hovana

Yay, after weeks I didn't post my breakfast journal, I finally come up with a fresh, totally delicious menu! This morning Shin Hye, Elena, Yamamoto, and I stopped at 'The Monday Oh' for the first time and tried out almost all of their foods on menu :D Since I always love trying new foods on different places, this time I tried out to combine the appetizer and the dessert like I did before, and once again.... it was so tasty! I love my super power gift on mixing food altogether :)

Anyway, when I was watching TV last night, getting myself lazy for almost the whole day, Shin Hye showed me what she took yesterday evening on Grazille Candy Market with Elena. God damn sweets....

Much love, Sera

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