Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Come Shines At Me

Zara blazer, Zara shirt, H&M pants, H&M shoes

After re-reading the earlier entries of my blog (those written in my lastly 2011s), I came to realize that I have changed. Quite a fair bit. Even the blogging style has changed. How one portrays one's thoughts reflect the way they are. Aside from the content of one's thoughts. I seemed a lot more carefree and vivacious in the past; and less of a cynic. But I also sounded childish and ignorant. I went, "Wow, this was me just a year back?" I couldn't quite connect to the 'Me' back then. And were those the biggest problems I had at that point in time?! Why do I sound enthusiastic, even though I had ended each entry with a "Need to go to bed now!"? But of course, so much has happened within this year. It only led me to wonder what would I be thinking a year on, as I read this entry and those earlier?

Much love, Sera

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  1. whitout notice, everybody do change everyday even a little bit. :D

    i love the color of your blazer! :D and you've got nice style. :D


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