Friday, May 11, 2012

We Are Young

French Connection dress, Zara shoes and belt, Primark ring

I know, I know, I might be too old for this. But hey, I've always believe that you are never really too old for anything. Nobody can stop you if you want to suck your coffee in a feeding bottle, if that's what makes you happy. And right now, what makes me happy is this cool program from Plasq that allows you to create comics in a snap of a finger. It's that easy. I came across this program while I was checking out one of my favorite blogsites. When I went to the site to check it out, my screen was flooded with the most amazing comic strips. I wanted to try it out myself, so I downloaded the trial version. It's quite addicting I tell you, once you start, you will never want to stop until it's absolutely perfect. I wouldn't give you the bullets on how to do it because well, the instructions are clearly and simply stated there. The only things you'll need are your reading glasses and your common sense :)

Much love, Sera

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