Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shopping Guide To Treasures!

I have searched and searched but couldn't find exactly what I sought. BUT now I can just as well stop searching in. I've blogged about before Blitz. Blitz has everything I seek, and more. There isn't the stuff you can't find in the Blitz. The store is located at Hanbury Street which is a small side street off Brick Lane. Vintage shop is indescribably large (2 floors) and have clothes and shoes for both men and women and little children. If you want to visit, the store's address is: Blitz Vintage is located at 55-59 Hanbury Street - a side street off Brick Lane. The nearest station there would be Shoreditch High Street or Liverpool Street. This is the best shopping guide I'll recommend for you if you happen to be in London for a trip :)

Much love, Sera

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  1. nice post :D
    love those pictures :)


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