Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Photoshoot

Oh boy, it was actually fun and memorable. But it was damn bloody tiring! And just when I managed to clear my skin from problematic zits in the recent days with religious TLC, new itchy ones are popping out from the day's old thick impervious makeup! I thought I looked like a clown, but it somehow turned out alright on camera. I feel kinda bad to see my hair abused the way it was today. Janet asked me to handle her pre-wedding photoshoot in Milan cuz it's pretty hard to find free-of-charge photographers here, ha!

Mango poncho, French Connection jeans, Hispanitas shoes, Asos sunglasses

Lucas--who supposed to be at his office then--looked really dashing in his well-fitted suits. And the Vermichelle Giant's staff was amazingly nice and helpful with the photoshoot! Lucas and I managed to walked a little around the location to make sure everything's ready. We were definitely impressed (all staff was briefed on our photoshoot!), and we are pretty sure we would like all the pictures taken there. The next and last venue was the great green forest in Vancouver and well, beach shots lo. Oh, plus some carpark, log, and bridge shots. Our clients are pretty good in posing, but well, I have yet to see the final outcome... Can't wait to see them though! Can see that my random thoughts are pretty jumbled up and I badly in need for a good sleep to rid off the headache pounding my head now. Again, sigh.

Much love, Sera

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  1. Super cute comfy outfit! :) ♥


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