Friday, May 25, 2012


Zara blouse, Zara skirt, H&M belt, Primark shoes, Purification Garcia bag

I've back, from St. Petersburg! :D Soooo refreshing! I left Milan for a couple of days, doing photoshoots for some old friends in Russia. This time I left everything except my camera stuffs for the sake of my holiday. Working and studying and enjoying life at the same time is always tiredsome but I love it. I can't even wait to finish this 'university student' matter. So here are some outfit photos Lucas took for me just by this morning before we left for having a sweet brunch. Well, I looked so old here.... :$ Photos of my friends coming up next!

PS: Anyway, Lucas just started his own blog, yay! Oh, finally... He actually has a very good sense in fashion for boys, really. Not to say that he's one of my inspiration, tho. Do visit him here.

Much love, Sera

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  1. i love your blouse :D it's cool :)


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