Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Giving & Receiving

All pieces are from Zara, given by Lucas

Sorry for being absent yesterday :) Sometimes I wonder why Lucas often bought me so many stuffs from his travels. Ehm, many girls won't see that as a problem but I really have no idea why. And why do I even have to think about it? I supposed to be thankful for having such boyfriend who gives me (almost) everything I need (or probably, I want). But my parents taught me not to accept 'free-stuffs' so easily. In the future, I have to pay for that. So you must be wondering why the hell I'm talking about this. It's because my whole outfit (except for the pants) were bought by him on his travels from Spain last week. If you remember how I posted about my birthday gifts from him which is soooooo haaayuugggee, you'll understand why I'm worrying about his 'giving' habit :/

Much love, Sera

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  1. wow, what a pretty girl!
    Enter my ROMWE summer giveaway! ♥

  2. thank you! sure i'll check it out!


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