Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Going All The Way

Remember when I mentioned I had purchased something on Etsy a couple Hello Mondays back? It came last Saturday. And "it" was my purity ring, purchased from DonnaODesigns!

I had been searching for a purity ring for awhile now. And the reason it took so long was I didn't want it to be the typical purity ring. I wanted it to be just a ring that symbolized what my single years meant to me. Therefore, that a ring that wasn't really considered a purity ring. Fast forward to ye ol' days of browsing Pinterest and I found this ring. Fast forward a couple months and I had enough money to buy it. So I did!

Yep, it's on my right hand. My left ring finger is for my wedding ring only, just preference is all. I'm also that girl that wears her watch on her right arm. Guys. It's so amazing. Inside it says now & forever (WITH an actual ampersand), which means a lot to me personally because I am a patient person. Normally. But I can't help but wonder what my future husband is doing right now and I find it pretty hard to be patient for the X amount of years I'll be single. Now all I have to do it twist that ring around my finger and I know God's in control.

Give DonnaODesigns some love...check out her Etsy shop here! Speaking of things I received in the mail, my sweet VA friend, Emily sent me one of her gorgeous photos in the mail this week! Thanks girl!

Hangin' out on my beside table until I can get it a frame of it's own. Tschuss!

Much love, Sera

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  1. Just found out about your blog on WhatIWear and decided to check it out. And to tell you the truth I loves it.
    I really adore your purity ring, seems classy to me.


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