Monday, May 14, 2012

Gaps Between Words

Doing blogwalking and found this blog :) I stopped and read this post and kind of interested since I haven't edited my outfit posts. So this is what I do in my spare time; surfing. In the internet. Sometimes when music can't be the right place for me to escape, I chose internets. Beautiful.... And pathethic :D

So here 12 questions I'm gonna answer from Chaca:
What is the most impressive image/photo in your life as long as you can remember?
- This one. Because it was the first time I wore bikinis in front of a guy--in front of my boyfriend, to be exact.
Do you believe in The Secret or Law of Attraction? If yes, what you do in relation to that?
- Ha? What's this? -__-
Vintage or sophisticated modern style?
- Modern style, definitely.
What makes you follow a blog?
- Depends on what's the blog about. But first of all, I'll look at the overall web-design. I hate it when I found fashion blogs with cool styles but unreadable posts. Geez, that pisses me off.
What makes you unsuscribe/dislikes a blog?
- It's getting boring.
Do you have short daily tips, house maintenance, home remedies, or beauty homemade recipee? If you have, reveal to us, tell us what works for you.
- First, I DON'T HAVE ANY. So yeah, I always ask other people to help me.
What do you like most (a) bold colors, (b) deep dark colors, (c) neutral colors, (d) soft, pastell, or watercolor colors?
- A and B. I don't really that into pastels but for outfits, I'll always give any colours a time to shine :)
Are you collector of something? How you keep and display them?
- Oh yes, I collect magazines, cameras, photos, travel experiences, iPhone cases, and everything that's collectable. I don't really care about wasting lots of money. I'm a die-hard collector :D Every once in a week (I used to do this every Sunday, but now I do it everytime I have my spare time), I tend to clean my cameras, rearrange my magazines on the book-rack by alphabets, and keep a pile of photos in some albums based on the subjects. Then at the end of the day, I'll put them in a blank room which I've always prepared before I live in the house--cuz I'm-a-kind-of-moving-human-being, ya know~
Do you have big secret? (No need to mention what it is but if you would like to reveal now, throw it out and feel free).
- Yes. I broke my boyfriend's camera and (I think) he has no idea who did it. He tought his dog did so I guess I have to apologize to Bernie...
What some of must bring items in your travel for a week? The destination is up to you.
- My cameras, for sure. Maps of the destination, my phone, and a suitcase full of clothes for a week--no matter what kind of clothes. I can buy them later.
What is your favorite fairy tale or storybook children?
- Peterpan :)
What you like to do in the me-time?
- Eat a lot of foods. A lot of foods.

So here are the rules given:
1) You must post the rules.
2) Post 12 fun facts about yourself in the blog post. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you in their post and create 12 new questions for the fellow bloggers you plan to tag.
3) Tag 12 people and link to them on your blog.
4) Let them know you've tagged them.

While these ones are my questions:
+ Who's your favourite musician of all time?
+ What song recently represent you?
+ What's your music genre?
+ What makes you loving your idol at the first time until now?
+ What was the first reason you like a song?
+ Which era of music you like? The 70's, 80's, or nowadays? Why?
+ What genre you hate the most? Why?
+ Which one you care about, the singer or the song?
+ How can you hate a song?
+ If you could choose one song for your forever song in your life, what would it be? Why?
+ If you can colaborate with a musician, who would it be? (Beside your favourite musician).
+ Last but not least, why you like/dislike music?

I'm no good in making questions. But recently I've been surrounded by artsy people in music. Lucas has started off his music course with some new friends at my uni and Lucia also trying to teach me some piano lessons. I hope I can make it this time! :) I've tagged you, my readers. Feel free to answer my questions if you have time and simply tell me by commenting this post. I'd love to read your answers!

Much love, Sera

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  1. Hi,nice post
    and thanks for your sweet comment @ my blog

    i'm following your blog now..
    so can you follow back mine too ?

  2. Hi, Sera, thankyou for answer my questions. it's so nice to know you and your blog. sorry for belated response i'm still in my travelling. i'm following you . you have great pics too! xo cha2


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