Monday, May 7, 2012


H&M shawl, H&M tee, Zara pants, H&M shoes

Got a pair of new pants, oh yeaaaah. For today's college outfit, I wore my new Zara trousers with this black and white shawl. Oh I can never stop collecting bicolour stuffs, especially this black and white things! :D Anyway, my longtime bestfriend, Venus of Venusatel, just started her new fashion blog like mine (or probably like yours too?). She's so kind and in my opinion, she's safe enough to talked with, LOL. Have a blessed day!

Much love, Sera

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  1. I really like this black and white outfit! You are so beautiful :) ♥

  2. These pictures are amazing! I love your outfit, and youre beautiful! ♥

  3. @annchica & @louise: thank's a looooot! you guys rock my world!

  4. wow the first thing tht came to my mind wen i saw u're pic was "wow she's beautiful"..u're like one of those girls tht writers write about...take care:)

  5. @khusbu: ohmygod thank's and which writers you talk about??? :/


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