Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Me Love Ya, Ma!

Hello lovelies, hope you've all had a wonderful weekend so far. I just remember I haven't posted about my mother's day celebration with my far-away mom :) So I spent it with my lovely family via Skype. After sending a little gift to my mom the day before, we talked a-lot with Skype which is a little tradition of ours :) If you're living separately with your parents before you get married, you'll understand how important this moment is! We shared many things and I told her how life has been perfectly amazing and good for me in Milan. She told me that my little sister, Driad just won a competition in fashion design at her school, wow! :D It was the happiest news I got so far! Knowing my little Driad has grown up into someone who loves fashion too from distance is the loveliest thing :) She also talked to me and told me another tradition where they give all the mommies there a rose, how nice is that? After that we decided to finish off our conversation and promise to be back soon because I still had some works then. These are the gifts I sent to her:

Hope she'll like them :) My mom is my best friend and my greatest support in life. She's also my number one fan! Love you mom, thank you for being the most amazing woman in my life :) Just so you know that I've always wanted to become like you when I grow up.

PS: Okay, no chit-chat, right after this, outfit post! :D

So much love, Sera

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  1. I'm loving the bag and sandals, Merci are so good! :D ♥

  2. wow,nice gifts :D


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