Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tokio Hotel

Zara sweater, bag, shoes, and skirt

Realized that I'm not so much of an uptown girl. Feeling utterly lost in a random road when waiting for my friend to turn up. Not so 'in' already huh, old girl. Catching up always feels good. And we had a so-called 'coffee break' over at Starbucks after dinner. Though they make the 'coffee break' look like it has some serious rash or STDs, the cakes I bought tasted pretty good. Minus the red bits. And that's particularly the end of my 'long' weekend. I ended it by sleeping it away. How happening huh. Oh, plus the fact that I had potato chips for breakfast. Lucas says I'm being silly by taking too many chips yesterday and an extra day off from uni so that I don't feel the blues last night because he deduced that I will have double blues hitting me tonight. But hey, at least I have a peace weekend, right?

Much love, Sera

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  1. You look pretty in your outfit. :) like a japanese school girl. ;p


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