Thursday, May 3, 2012


Since a few years I've become hooked on Lomography. Never heard of it? You should be ashamed of yourself! ;) Lomography is a brand, shop and community all in one which focuses on analogue photography. They have some really cool cameras which let you make the most amazing photographs no digital camera could ever take. Me as a photographer, I shoot with both digital cameras ánd analogue cameras. Analogue photography lets me escape from the urge for perfection that I always feel when I do digital photography. And yet, most of the photographs that I get out of my roll films turn out to be just that perfect.

When I was getting to know Lomography I used a camera called Holga, a lovely one to start with but I wanted more options, which is why I got myself a fancy white Diana F+. You've probably all seen this camera somewhere in an editorial, magazine, or maybe on the streets. How can you not love the looks of this lovely little thing. Through the online shop at Lomography, or at any of their Gallery Stores all over the world, you can buy this camera but also it's accessories. The package that I put together for myself included a Diana F+ Flash, for obvious reasons, and an Instant Back, which is one of the greatest things you can do with the camera.

On the Diana F+, you can change the normal back of the camera with the Instant Back that lets you take polaroids. Yes, polaroids. Finished in a second and super cute to stick basically anywhere from your wallet to your wall. As if this all wasn't just convincing enough for you to get your own, I also bought a camera called Supersampler. This black rubberized version that I have takes 4 shots on a frame in 0,1 to 1 second.

Really fun to use when you want to capture movements or shoot the same object in different angles. It's a great 'shoot from the hip' camera. Expect to read more stories on the outcome of my roll films and polaroids, 'cause I'll be taking my Lomography gear with me everywhere I go!

Much love, Sera

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