Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Club

Primark jacet, Zara shirt, Pull&Bear pants, Zara shoes, Asos sunglasses

So here it is, my new jacket--a varsity jacket. This time, I gave Lucas a chance to styled me for our next photoshoot project with the new friend of ours, a. k. a. the pretty-damn gorgeous client, Maria Sklodowska. She's Lucas' old-time friend on MySpace and he introduced her to me yesterday. She's going to make a modelling portfolio to be applied in some model agencies. I really love shooting people with my cams, trying to presenting the soul of my objects from behind the lens is always a personal happiness :) The photos of Maria will be posted right after this, so stay tune!

Much love, Sera

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  1. Really nice outfit, I'm loving your pants! :) ♥


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