Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Own Disney

A few months ago I arrived in London to get some works done for a while, so here is the complete report from the land of the Brits! The first day, I decided to take a little trip up north to Camden Market. Probably a very well-known market but still with the looks of a bit of an underground place. I took the tube from London Bridge, where my room is, and headed towards Camden Town Station. The first thing I saw was a very hip, alternative and crowded high street full of shops and a not to be missed market.

By the time I got out of the tube the rain came pouring down, so I quickly ran into American Apparel and some of the other shops. The whole town of Camden actually seemed like a nice shopping area, but I came for the market so I walked across the little bridge towards the Camden Lock Place. The stalls there are so tiny, and it's really cool to see a lot of different stuff at every corner! I was surprised to see so much food stalls 'cause I thought the market was just for clothing. Smelled delicious all over the place. (And what's up with the crazy amount of tattoo & piercing shops? LOL) When you're shopping for clothes don't expect it to be less expensive than a high street store though, the prices are pretty pity at times.

At the inside halls there were more original stalls than outside, so make sure you go through all the little lanes and dig into the clothing racks here and there. I really liked one stall from a Chinese fashionable dude who had vintage stuff as well as brand new gems. That small space was decorated so cute, I just had to shoot some photos. Oh. Too bad I didn't have enough cash to get a perfect navajo print cardigan. So, Camden Market was a lot of fun! Smaller and more expensive than I expected but definitely worth it.

In the meanwhile feeling at home, I've been doing so much stuff since the first day, but unfortunately didn't even have time yet to shoot most of it. Only got 3 days left to spend there! The last day, I went on the London Eye with some friends who came over from The Russians to visit me. Here are a few shots I took of the city. They're not the best shots ever but I'm hoping to get a more advanced camera soon. (Which is also a reason why I don't shoot as much as I'd like, the Nikon D3000 that I had that time is just not working well with me. Ugh.) Anyways. Gotta love all the city lights poppin' up out of the night sky. I guess London is the most beautiful to see at night. Ain't it? ;)

I will always remember this quote, "Britain is a place where words 'Forever and ever', exist in real life". And yes, guess it's pretty awesome to be there for once again, no? :D

Much love, Sera

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