Friday, February 3, 2012

A Sweet Lullaby

Since I'm in London, my cousin, Dimitri always suggest me to just listen to One Direction. FYI, I've never heard about them before and listening to music isn't my favourite, just so you know. But this time, I tend myself to listen to those cute boys. And you know what so funny about this? When I listened to One Thing (the song which Nava suggested to me...) made me fell from my chair and I screamed so loud :D Lucas even rushed into the door and asked what just happened. And I said he should listen to this song. But damn me, Lucas said he already knew about them and he has been trying to play the song by guitar. Guess what? Last night he let me watch him practicing! I couldn't even hold my breath, unnnff...

And then he brave himself to sang One Thing right in front of me - yes, just in front of me because the other companies were sleeping because of exhausted, very exhausted - beautifully. The tone was perfect, I love the way he becomes so creative on random things. And his voice was kinda sexy :$ Oh, wich I could hear him singing once again cuz after that he swore he would never sing again LOL!

Much love, Sera

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  1. Hey! Aren't One Direction awesome! I love their music. :-)
    awww that's SO sweet what Lucas did!!!

  2. yes! i finally realized that they're totally awesume! hehe, well lucas knows how to flirt with girls :D


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