Friday, February 3, 2012

Off To Hogwarts...

THIS. IS. FREAKIN. COOL. Yes it is! I've arrived, guys! Woohoo, I can't believe the long-delay trip by plan has over :D Yeah, I think I will never get used travelling by plane forever if it happened like I did... But everything was good, because there's no reason for me not to keep excited all the way! The destination, baby, the destination! Oh my fucking God, after years I dreamed to step my feet in London, I am now! Wheew, I think there'll be so many '!' marks in this post :D 

Maybe telling you guys more about this trip will make you feel uncurious for more, no? Okay, so me and Lucas were invited to attend a kind of fashion event which will be held in London, UK on Sunday evening. This invitation was came from my bestfriend, Bumi, right after we went back from Medugalion Ent like I've told you in this post. Both me and Lucas are believed as their official photographer on the event and are allowed to bring another companies :) So, yeah. That's why I finally come up to London.

First of all, I wore 2 different clothes during my flight. I thought London was a very berry fashionable city-kind so I decided to dressed-up as very girly and quite "branded". Yep, that one above was worn when I'm getting to all companies I tagged along with me and Lucas for the trip. The weather was kinda cool but not that cool. I can still hang without my sweaters until I reached the airport and realized it was the right time to listen what Lucas has said :D

So I changed all of my clothes and pulled out all long-sleeves and jeans I brought LOL. We were in a rush because the plane was going to off! But thank God we made it. There weren't lots of people in the plane and all of us can freely picked our own seat :) Lucas was really kind for letting me seat alone at the very back session so I can enjoy my free-time. But still, he chose the another seat right on my right :D Now I can still feel safe!

Yes, I know it looks crowded but it actually wasn't that crowded. The trip itself was, I must say, quite enjoyable and I didn't feel like wanna throwed up everytime the plane had a creepy turbulences :D Everytime it happened, Lucas moved away from his seat and sat next to me, holded my hands and hugged me tight, DAMN. He was so romantic... 

Right after we landed, I soonly grabbed all my packs and ran out like crazy to breathe Londonish air. For now, I won't post any outfit photos or probably my gangs' photos. I'm still trying to relax my soul by taking some walks with Lucas :) Will soonly post the picts! So just wait and sit down cuz I'm going back asap~

Much love, Sera

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  1. Hey Sera! Those are beautiful photos!

  2. aaaa, i envy you! i've never been to london before, ser!

  3. EJ: aw, thank you so much! you're so lovely :)
    nava: shooot, then why don't start making a plan of it??


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