Friday, February 17, 2012


Yesterday was the last day of my works for the trial in Medugalion Ent. I was soooo happy that Bumi said I've showed the best performance for the last 2 weeks (especially on my very first independent fashion's night out on London). And yesterday she said I could join in with Medugalion Ent.'s big family, yippie yayy! :D The last 3 weeks trial was kinda suck and hard, but now it's all worth it. Last year when all of my family gathered for christmas, I asked my mom about what should I take as job. She said, just stay at the same track where you feel like you fit in perfectly. And I told her I wanna be around fashion magazines projects forever because it reflects me so much. She told me to keep the passion, but I'll need a strong media back-up for my careers in the future. So that's why I finally decided to stop doing freelance and start making this job as serious. Here I am, standing as Medugalion's official photographer and talent agent :)

But I'll still kinda do the same as 'freelance' since I'm still 17 and I still got my education to chased over (that's the biggest reason why I moved out to Moscow, anyway), I will only work from Thursday to Saturday evening in half time. That's sweet how Bumi understands my teenage moods and wants :)

Zara blazer, shirt, bag, belt, and boots, Levi's short, 

These photos were taken right after I went home from Medugalion and having a little late evening walk with Lucas and his skateboard, teehee. Some places are no longer that cold and I can happily say hello to summer :) Anyway, how's your hiatus on NYFW? I know I've promised to you guys that I'm gonna be a part of it too but unfortunately I'm sooooo busy to join in :( Blame school old days!

Much love, Sera

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