Saturday, February 11, 2012

Detox Injection

Hi there! Notice something different on my blog? Yeah, I just changed some HTML codes and tried to remove the underline effects on every links in this blog. Thank you so much for my cousin, Nava for the quick tutorial lesson last night :D I was first impressed by her tricks that are applied on her blog and really interested to have it too here. But HTML and CSS codes aren't my bestfriends LOL. I'm a sucker for coding and I hate being stressful. My emotion just goes wrong when I'm customizing my blog :D

Anyway, today is the last day I spend my trip in Florence. I've been travelling around many places here but totally forgot to bring my camera -__- Sorry, but I think I'll just try to enjoy this trip as tomorrow I'm gonna back to Moscow, with my ordinary life, and ordinary jobs... Mmm, no I don't feel homesick. But I don't know I just feel... lonely. So mind if I'm lack of Florence sceneries pictures :) And I have nothing to post here. Just wanna make sure that this blog keep updated!

PS: When you see this post, I might have started flight back to Moscow... How I miss Moscow so much!

Much love, Sera

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