Tuesday, February 7, 2012

London Finds Part 1

So this is what I've promised to you before. As I said, I bought lots of new stuffs in London since I won't be here for another long time :D And tomorrow, we're gonna leave it all and continue our journey to Florence! Yippie yayy! I know how London sounds much better than Florence but who knows, right? This time, I'll just go with Lucas for the trip. This is nothing but a "real" trip. So we're not going to tag anyone along with us... This is the biggest reason why I kinda feel too scared with my next trip to Florence. Like we're going to have a honeymoon, but I don't want something that you-know-it happen between us. I mean... oh, never mind -__-

Okay for now, I'm gonna show one of my "London Finds" :) Thank you so much to Eun Rae (she's one of my journalist friends I met on the fashion's night out) for the suggestions. I didn't know where to shop because everyone has never been to London before! :D But here I present you, Bulk.

This Alexander McQueen London heart purse is the best fashion thing I bought of my 4 days stay in London! I love how the GB flag can be seen clearly on both sides. What do you think about?? Do tell me your thoughts about this and I'll surely read it! Oh and, if you have another idea for my trip to Florence, would you please kindly tell me? I'm so blind over every countries, LOL.

Much love, Sera

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