Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gain More

I love making friends with new people - even if I haven't met them in person - like this one. Six :) I knew this girl from a crazy site, Omegle. Haha, yes I know you guys would call me super crazy for ever tried that site but I was bored until I found Six. She's from China and unlike other Omeglers who has kinda "horny" words, she's so calm and I must say, nice :) We've exchanged e-mail since yesterday and we're currently sending e-mails to each other. This is totally fun! Who knows Omegle can really brings you new friend to your life? Never underestimate anything in your life~

PS: It seems like Six is a kind of lonely girl, would you like to talk to her by e-mail? :) I'm sure it'll make her day as talking to others makes me feel the same.

P.PS: I've changed my e-mail address to So make sure any other collaborations, sponsorship offers, or any other warmness are sent to my new e-mail! I've compressed all kinds of e-mails to this one as I'm not that good enough to manage 3 e-mails at the same time :)

Another thing, check out my newest family member on the shoe-rack!

Bought a pair of new sneakers! Londonish air, baby! I love the designs so much. And the model, oh God, high top sneakers are so heaven! :D Do wait for my other London finds because I just realized I bought "too" many stuffs here, haha. Gonna show you more!

Much love, Sera

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