Sunday, February 12, 2012

Past In Florence...

Aaah, Moscow. This is the best Monday I ever have :) Just got home from Medugalion Ent. with Lucas. Remember that I also just arrived from my trip to London and Florence? Last night was so tiredsome and I was totally exhausted. For now, I'm gonna leave you guys with the rest of my photos me and Lucas took in Florence - Firenze, to be exact. Do tell me how's your Monday goes? :)

Dear Florence, 

May I call you Flo? I feel like you and I are buddies already and I've only really seen you twice; well I did Google you a few times but don't we all nowadays? I also have a flattering pic of you in my phone, but surely that's not creepy… Yes sure, I can call you Ms. Florence Italy. 

The first day I met you with Mr. Boyfriend, I remember we tried to find somewhere nice to eat off the beaten track, maybe a snug little trattoria that's slightly tacky but one run by an old man the locals call papa and knows the secret to every pasta dish. Of course, we took that wrong (or right? we'll never know) turn and ended up redrawing your maps for 4 hours before we gave up and ate in the hotel (that we somehow managed to locate). So the next time I saw you, I knew the streets and landmarks as if I've been dreaming to be there for years. Alas, I was also able to concentrate on other lovely features of yours: the beautiful nose bridge you call Ponte Vecchio and a very well groomed garden called Boboli down south.

I do wish to see you again soon. Perhaps when the weather is warmer, a down-jacket in a suitcase to Italy is what the fashion girls call soo-not-in. 

Gotta Boogie,

p.s You have really weird street system.

Much love, Sera

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  1. Ooh I would love to visit Florence one day! Gorgeous photos!

  2. thank you :) florence was really amazing in my eyes... remember to tell me when you do!


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