Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Freerange Middlesex

There really should be much less underestimating of student designers and even lesser overestimating of bigger designers, some of these students here bring more milkshake to the yard (+boys) than the powder milk I sometimes see during LFW. These are my top seven, but absolutely head over heels for the menswear collections by Yasmin Bawa and Rasha Swais. Head over heels also for that Asian girl I seem to have developed a girl-crush on in that 15 minutes of catwalk, WHO IS SHE AND CAN SHE HAVE MY NUMBER? 

Freerange exhibitions of graduates and students of all manner of design ends on the 25th of July, get down there before I crack my whip. Thank you to Lucy of Margaret PR for hooking me up with the show!

Much love, Sera

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