Monday, February 27, 2012

Silky Milano

Hi, people :) I'm now officially arrived in Milan, Italy for the next job. Milan Fashion Week sure has waited for me and Shin Hye (also Yamamoto...), but as I've told you before I won't take part this time. I'll just checking things up and prepare the photos, and then I'm gonna send it all to Medugalion HQ on Russia. Since the very beginning, my duty is only on LFW, and I'm so proud of it. Eventhough some shots might be looked amateur, but Bumi said she's impressed with our work and since today, my artworks can be seen on ELLE Russia, Glamour Italy, VOGUE British, and VOGUE Japan. Thank's alot for the LFW team who have worked soo hard together with me for 3 days :) Still, sorry for being late to be arrived on London. And also, I think I still have some pictures from the LFW which I might will share it to you here. Just wait!

Mango blouse, French Connection jeans, Hispanitas boots, H&M sunnies, unbranded bracelet

Today I wore a simple and comfortable outfit: a silk blouse and jeans, nothing better for a long-time trip. This is my first time visiting Milan, and I must say, this is another version of Paris :O The people are sooo over beautiful! I can't even wait to meet my fashion blogger idol, Chiara Ferragni. Since Chiara is currently on MFW, and I can probably stalk up with Shin Hye around the event, teehee :D I also need some advices about places in Milan. So if any of you guys have one, pelase don't be hesitate to suggest me one!

I love the weather, it's getting warm here and it seems like I'm start liking Milan :$ Wait... what about London? Oh, now I can't decide which country should I choose. I always love travelling, and I always want to stay for a long time in 1 country, and then move out to the other. But I'm so poor. If it's not because of I got some jobs from Medugalion, I would have just stayed at home, playing with my kitties and sleep.

Much love, Sera

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  2. hi, thank's for coming! your link has listed now on mine :) and your blog is another great online photography guru!

    grazie mille :))

  3. Ohh I hope you have a lovely time! I didn't have a very good experience when I was in Milan... mostly because we drove around for hours looking for our hotel. Tons of people tried to help and even they couldn't find it... ha!

    Love your blouse!

  4. haha, my guider said that too! lucky me, everything has already well-prepared and i think all i do is only sitting like a lazy cat, if you know what i mean... :3


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