Thursday, February 2, 2012

Right Before My Eyes

God damn creativity.

So it was like I'm gonna leave this town forever, but things won't :( Guess I'm gonna still working to some projects due tonight even if yesterday I've told all my clients to be in patient while I'm having a trip tomorrow. You might haven't known that I've offered myself to be an online graphic designer, photographer, and web designer for almost a month ago, and I'm almost to death to catch up with my own jobs right now! Gah, blame myself for not being good in time-managing :$ I haven't even packed up for the trip and Lucas also got busy with his first job in Prima Creative... Like I'm left out.

Romwe sheer top, Forever21 denim shorts, Forever21 black suede wedges

Still, thank you so much to Adrian and Revel, both of them helped me out to finish all the works and thank goodness we did it! Yay, now I'm fully free to prepare the trip! I have so many plans to do! Buy lots of brand new designers' clothes, new SHOES, capture gazzillions of Londonish pictures, and of course to start another camera-hunt session! I hope things will be just fine and nothing bad will happen :) And yes, more details of the trip will be explained when I'm on it, just wait~

PS: When you read this post, I probably have flight away for the most-awaited trip :) But don't worry, I'm gonna post something in this blog as soon as me, Lucas, and some friends have arrived! So long, Moscow, hello, London!

Much love, Sera

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