Friday, February 3, 2012

Today's Breakfast: Casino Royale

Great Britain's old traditional tea with Honor's cheesecake

This is it, my very first breakfast in London :) As I thought breakfast would never be the same again since I've got used to Miya-san's cooking, I was wrong. You gotta try the desserts - yes, the best one I would suggest to you guys is their desserts - which I can't even think any better one than this :D The appetizer was good (great, I must say), but it doesn't seem like a good-looking food to be taken. So I just post the dessert one which kinda reminded me with Marie Antoinette's era. When I'm writing this, I actually still looking for a certain title. Having this breakfast made me feel like a royal person :P And I don't know which one suits you best #RANDOM.

Okay then, hope you guys have a delightful Saturday! The fashion event will be held tonight, yay! But I promise I won't be that "busy" as I'm going to bring all of my gadgets right to the backstage :) I probably will make a video of it too, but let's just see if I don't forget about it. Me and some friends will do a shopping spree. A BIG shopping spree, for sure :D See you guys on my next post!

Much love, Sera

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