Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Just The Way He Is...

Like, I was totally surprised with this photo.... Really. One night when we were all still in London, we went out to random places to celebrated our success on making the fashion's night out great. We stopped by to the nearest cafe and partying all night. I somehow fell for Lucas' words that night and we once again in loved for the second time. Then around 12 PM, I went to the phone-booth to made a call to mom to say her a happy birthday wish. We talked about her young-life for 30 minutes, and I didn't realized that Lucas was already there, wating for me outside the phone-booth. I just stared at him and he smiled back. Then he entered the phone-booth and..................................yes it happened ._. But we saw no one there! So that's why I'm fucking surprised with this photo! Damn, I don't know the owner of this e-mail address, :/ Soooo, it's kinda awkward between me and Lucas... He also has seen this photo and, well, he was surprised too.

Much love, Sera

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