Friday, February 10, 2012

Capital C-H-A-N-G-E

Zara long coat, COS shirt, H&M leather jeans, H&M shoes

People say if you wanna make a change in your life, change your attitude first. The world is a nice place actually, but people in it always try to make it worst. Accidentally met a guy near our hotel when me and Lucas were out for lunch. Really didn't expect for that to be happened, but this guy came over and grabbed my hands and stared deeply through my eyes. I was scared for a second before Lucas finally shooed him over and hugged me. But before he did it, that random guy said something like, "I see you've changed. But a changing... for what?". Well, maybe I got shocked and I still haven't told Lucas about this. But I really wondering about that until now. I do have changed so much, but I just don't know why I changed? Things like this sometimes just twisted in my mind. Stucked forever...

photo by Lucas

Anyway, this is my second "full" outfit post :D The Florence heat is kinda friendly with us and I think this is the right time to take another outfit photos. I also just dyed my hair and gave another highlight at the bottom. What do you think? Eh, just remember that I'm gonna post my Florence photographies. Sooo, just doo wait!

Much love, Sera

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